Part two: So What Can I Eat? Other than Quinoa

In answer to the Title, turns out more than i thought. I figured I was going to be stuck with weird Pulses and bland vegetables with some bacon and Turkey thrown in but it’s more varied than I thought… here is how it has gone so far!

Monday morning I had a Smoothie.  Ricemilk, mixed frozen fruit, flaxseeds and then buzz buzz in a blender…yummy. Decided after that I wanted a Nutri-bullet. Realised I couldnt afford one and got the knock off from Amazon basics instead. Its awesome by the way and I’ll do a post on it soon. Lunch was…Ok hang on I’ll make a list.

Actually no I won’t because I’ll be honest I’ve forgotten what I have eaten from Wednesday onwards. What I can say is that White beans with spinach and Bacon is disgusting. Buckwheat bread is weird when it only has Buckwheat, olive oil and rice milk in it..nasty recipe!! I have an amazing recipe for some gorgeous Homemade Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and the Supermarket in Quakenbrück is Amazing.

Mum and I (Hi MUM!!) decided to go shopping in the big Supermarket in a town about 40 mins away from here on… Wednesday I think.  We went to visit someone in the hospital there anyway and decided we would pop in and see what we can get there. The bigger the shop the bigger the offers right?

RIGHT! I walked away with so many goodies and a large part was paid for by Momma as a thank god you have something to eat present. Some of which have confirmed a suspected Egg Intolerance. (Don’t forget, so far I knew I have a Lactose intolerance and I suspect the others)

Here’s my Gluten free Half Vegan Haul.


  • Gluten Free lemon Cake. Which has proved that I have an egg intolerance. Damnit.
  • Brown Rice. Did you know that Rice is gluten free? I didn’t
  • Gluten free Lasagne Sheets. These also have egg in them but I’ve made Lasagne with them and there seems to be such a small amount it’s not noticeable. Ill be testing them again though by making a non Tomato sauce for the next one and seeing how I react. It might have been the Pasta, or the Tomato. The cake was definitely a source of Reflux and I had them on the same day so now the cake is gone (Not JUST eaten by me I’d like to add!) I can test it separately. Small side note. I had leftover Lasagne today on Saturday and no other egg or tomato and I’m having a few issues. Something in the Lasagne is definitely a culprit.
  • Vegan Papaya Curry Bread Spread. This is Yummy! I had some today on bread and it was awesome. Curry is one of those spices which might be an issue but that’s a test for another day as I rarely eat it.
  • Little India Soup in a Jar. This is a curry soup which I’m planning on using as a sauce. It’s the Curry test for another day. I have a feeling that one isn’t going to go well because I know I have an issue with Clove and Cardamon but I am hoping the past problems were Gluten and Lactose disguising themselves as spice intolerance. (I’m beginning to hate the word intolerance!)
  • Vegetable Stock which does not have Milk, Whey or Soya in it. The normal ones do so I went for the Organic version which doesn’t. Flavour City here we come!
  • Raspberry Yoghurt made from Lupine Protein. It’s Fresh and zesty with a healthy shot of lemon juice, raspberry and the protein. It is not something that can just be scoffed because there is quite a bit of added sugar in it but as a treat very very nice. Did cost almost 4€ for 500ml which is quite expensive but as I said as a treat I deem it acceptable.
  • Peeled Plum tomatoes. Turns out: Peeled yes…  Did they leave the peel out of the Can? Nope. Mum very Kindly picked out as much as she could whilst preparing the lasagne but since we think its the peel on the tomatoes which is causing a problem it was  duff purchase. As I said with the Lasagne sheets the Toms might not be causing an issue so we shall see in the next test. I’ll keep you updated of course.
  • My Favorite find. Wilmersburger CHEESE!!! Vegan (Therefore lactose free) gluten free fake cheese! Mum and I squeeled infront of the display as I had literally looked up online options for getting the food I need in the morning and had discovered them! The sell-by-date is in May so they keep for ages and they taste like actual cheese!!! I am still really excited. I got three types. Pizza melt which is for bakes or pizza. It is supposed to melt like normal cheese which i didn’t quite manage with my lasagne but apparently there is a trick according to they website. Then there is a orangey Cheddar mock-up which I have yet to try and the Gouda type which is lovely. I can have cheese!!!!!
  •  A Low carb Quinoa and Chia seed Pizza base. Haven’t tried this one yet..
  • Flora Vegan Margarine. Smells and Tastes just like Marg.
  • Vegan Mayonnaise. Tastes like Hellmans. Perfect.
  • Vega,  a Vegan Creme Fraische replacement. Tastes just like the real thing and was ideal for the lasagne
  • Gluten Free No Egg, Egg replacement. This small box has the equivalent of 33 eggs and comes from Australia. 2 tablespoons of the powder and two tablespoons of water makes one egg. I used it today when I made a cake and it works superbly as a binder. Sadly it can’t be used to make scrambled eggs or omelette so I’m still looking for a replacement for that particularly as a protein source BUT for baking its ideal!
  • Gluten Free Oats. I got this because Smoothies have oats in them loads. I have a horrible feeling however that although they are gluten free that I have a problem with Oats specifically. I need to do some more research…
  • The next two   ( which are my FAVES in the Yellow bags) are Gluten, egg and Lactose Free BREAD MIX! One is a buckwheat and rice flour dark bread mix designed to be a bit like Rye bread. Kinda. I baked it Wednesday evening and it has enough mix for 4 one person loaves. A bit costly at 5€ a bag but split that between 4 Loaves and its OK. Would last me about a Month i think. The Other bag is the Same but in White bread. They both use Yeast and are nice and Fluffy. The company SCHÄR make mixes for Cakes, Pancakey type things and they have an all purpose flour too.
  • Gluten and Lactose free Penne Pasta. Writing this I have just gone into Panic mode thinking the Pasta had egg in it too. It does not. yay! Made with millet and rice flour it should work out fine. Again.. Ill report
  • Bottom of the pic is a sachet of Hollandaise sauce and a white herby sauce from Veganz. This company is a bit of a life saver to be honest because a) I love a good Hollandaise and b) they do some awesome products which whilst again are a touch pricey are worth it.
  • Rice pudding from RUF. Go for BIO/Organic products and they don’t have rubbish added to them. No milk, no gluten no eggs.  It is just Rice, Sugar, Corn Starch, Vanilla and some stuff to make it sticky. NORMALLY, keeping to the Virgin Diet I would have to Veto corn starch but as I know I can eat an entire can of corn without any issues I am assuming i don’t have an issue with it. If I settle into this and realise something is still messing with me I will test it but I think it will be ok .
  • Fizzy Cola bottle sweets from Veganz. Not sour but still yummy. (I do love a fizzy sour cola bottle!)

So there you have it. My first week haul from Edeka in Quackenbrück (Who got a 5 Star review on facebook and an email to head office because of how amazing they are compared to our local branch). I have eaten well the last few days and to be honest Mum and I were both a bit concerned that I’d be stuck eating food that I have to eat because I have to eat and not because I enjoy it. I am a food Lover. Bread isn’t the only reason I am the size I am and the thought that I was going to have to give up good eating was worrying. Mum said after our shop though that it was a real relief to be able to walk through that supermarket and actually find NORMAL-ish food.

So there we are. I am caught up – ish. I suspect I will ramble into in depth descriptions of stuff as I go along in my posts and probably fill a few gaps. In the meantime however here is a picture of the precooked but not baked Lactose/Gluten Free Lasagne.


Doesn’t look too bad eh?

Until next time!

Keni 😀


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