Aquafaba-lous Chocolate mousse

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven’t posted anything in about a week. I’ve been a bit distracted due to my being off of work because of my duff shoulder. It hasn’t stopped me trying a few new recipes though so I thought I’d share one today.

Aquafaba. Also known as the gungy liquid that chickpeas sit in, in the can. The fact that when whisked it reacts in a similar way to eggwhites was discovered in 2014 in France according to the interwebs and since then it’s been used in baking as a binder/stabiliser and to make desserts. Including the one I’m going to share today. It is a recipe that my sister tagged me in on Facebook. The video link was from a Tasty video and if you click here you can see the recipe.

You need Aquafaba from one can of chickpeas, roughly 100g melted chocolate, 3 tsp sugar and a drop of vanilla extract. I’ve tweaked the recipe slightly because I’m reducing my “added sugar” intake. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons normally but to be honest 3 tsp was more than enough!
Whisk the Aquafaba until it gets stiff peaks, which takes a while so get those arms (or electric whisk) going! Add the chocolate, I used dark chocolate, and gently fold in. When it’s combined add the sugar and the vanilla, mix and put into the glasses or bowls you want to serve it in. Then chill for atleast 3 hours and enjoy. Easy as that.
And the result…

A light, fluffy, soft, chocolately, not at all chickpea-ish mousse. Seriously guys n gals it’s worth a try even if you would normally scoff at vegan food. Very yummers. 🙂

If you happen to be impatient like I am you may even find that you haven’t combined to chocolate completely.  Or you have combined it, and then added the dregs of the chocolate pot which means that you have a bunch of tiny flecks of chocolate which don’t mix with the fluffy Aquafaba mixture and you get choc chip choc mousse. Or maybe double choc mousse. Hmm not sure. Either way lovely crunchy little bits of Chocolate were not a bad suprise I promise you that.

I’m off to rest my shoulder a little more, I’ll update again soon!

Until then,

Keni 🙂


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