I makes a brownies!!

What a weird title I know, but that was my actual reaction when my recipe today worked.

After making my successful Aquafaba mousse from yesterday I had chickpeas in the fridge. Drained and ready to go for hummus. Oddly I didn’t fancy it today though. (Might have been that I would have needed to peel the buggers and I really couldn’t be bothered …) I got on to Pinterest and looked for recipes. Hiding between the recipes for chickpea curry and chickpea salad was… You’ve guessed it. Chickpea brownies! Made in a blender. What madness was this?

Quick look through the ingredients and I was off to the kitchen, grabbing my three blenders and the bits that I needed out of the larder. Chucked it into Blender 1 ( it’s a smoothie maker really) and had a fail. Wouldn’t blend. Chucked it into blender 2 (fail) it wouldn’t blend. Blender 3 (success) whirled like a dervish and voila, brownie goo. 30 mins later and I had..


Lovely, fudgy, chocolatey brownies!! And sooo yummy! No trace of chickpea taste!! (They are now known as the Magical Legume in my brain.)

Definately another yummer worth a try. So very very worth it.

Here’s a link to the recipe at “the roasted root”.


Until next time!

Keni 😀


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