Breakfast smoothies

Hello all!

Since I changed my eating habits I’ve pretty much stuck to smoothies for breakfast. Mainly because I’m not good at eating breakfast, having not eaten breakfast at all for so long, having something in my tummy early in the morning brings more of a “bleurgh” feeling than a “yay I’m ready for the day”. The Virgin diet that I’m following loosely has breakfast smoothies. Of course you’re supposed to use her shakes so I’ve cheated a wee bit. Here is one of the results. DSC_0006.JPG

Mixed berries, rice milk, a spoon of protein powder (or oats depending on the recipe) and blitz in a blender. It’s yummers, healthy and filling.

Quick post just to let you know I’m still going strong. I’m not checking my weightloss at the moment but I Definately feel alot better. Less bloated and no more heartburn 🙂

Until then!

Keni 😀


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